Frequently Asked Question

We have a variety of pleasant fragrances with high durability: Lavender, Apple, Floral, Strawberry, Eucalyptus, Cinnamon, and Vanilla.
These two products should not be mixed because each product has disinfectant role that would be inactivated. It is advisable to avoid microbial resistance, cleaning one week with disinfectant and one week with chlorine.
If you mix those products, it generates toxic gases that if inhaled would cause health damage. Additionally, after use “Eliminador de hongos y sarros”, the acidity of the product must be neutralized with an alkaline detergent.
This will depend on Client´s needs; should take the type of grease will be removed and the surface on which it is to be applied, that is the reason why it is important to ask for a technical visit to one of our advisers, who will be happy to guide you and give you the best solution for your requirements.
In dirty floors with fats and oils, walls and parts and tools that can be washed.
Depends on radiators or stationary machinery where it will be used.
Currently, we do not have that service, but we can expedite the purchase process by requesting a quote via our website, by clicking on to the products section. Your application will be sent to one of our advisers that as soon as possible will respond to your request.
Clicking the link DISTRIBUTORS in the main menu, you can download the form to become a distributor, that form have to be printed, completed and submitted personally at our office or email it to servicioalcliente@proquilarv.com.ec; after this we will contact you.
Yes, we have our line for come care with HURACAN brand; you can get more information about products, flavors and presentations we provide, by CLICKING HURACAN tab in the main menu.
You can find HURACAN products nationally at any local of TIA or AKI.